We empower students to become confident digital content creators through 45-minute hands-off consultations.

I tutored students on a variety of digital projects such as personal blogs, professional portfolios, and digital stories. I loved witnessing students realize their digital capabilities! 

Team collaboration

We are trained undergraduate students from various disciplines who work together to help improve student's digital experiences

We researched and collaborated on how to present new digital tools, to students.

Professional development

I had the opportunity to present at the International Writing Across the Curriculum (IWAC) in June 2018 at Auburn University with a fellow tutor and coordinator on behalf of DigiComm. This three-hour workshop consisted of presenting digital storytelling tools, along with guiding faculty through the storytelling platforms and content creation tools during the hands-on time.

I presented and lead workshops, similar to the one at IWAC, in differing class sizes ranging from as little as 8 students to over 100 students, all across JMU's campus.

Media Fellowships 

Each semester, we partner with a professor to incorporate a digital project into their course.

Over my three semesters in DigiComm I worked with over 86 students in a health ethics course, an art capstone and writing in nonprofits course. 

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