SMAD/CIS Capstone project & competition 

Over the course of seven weeks, my team was tasked with creating a system for a local start-up called Cued-In. Our team consisted of two SMAD (Media Arts & Design) majors and six CIS (Computer Information Systems) majors in competition with 13 other teams. 
After each of the three sprint presentations to the client and professors, we conducted user interviews, added new functionality and made improvements to our system.
Lastly, after the sprints, we presented our full system to seven judges, professors and the rest of our classmates. 

Valley Consulting

Our system was built with teamwork as the foundation. Each member of my team had their talents and we were able to combine those gifts with honest feedback, constant communication and a lot of words of encouragement. This is the incredible teamwork that ultimately leads us to win the competition. 


This system is for teachers in the Harrisonburg community to help their students find jobs and scholarships available locally. We were able to sit down with actual teachers who are using the current Cued-In system and showed them our system. After getting an understanding of their pain - points and watching them navigate the platform, we made necessary adjustments. 
The simple interface of our system and information we gathered will continue to be helpful for Cued-In as they aid graduating high school students in planning their future. |

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